"Surrounded by quietness my mind does its best work"

By definition "Doodling" is something you do whilst your concentration is on something else ie. whilst on the phone or in a boring classroom, even whilst watching tv. In some ways I feel I have turned this definition around. I seem to have my concentration on doodling whilst life itself happens around me. However as in the definition of doodling, my art does come from my subconscious, my dreams and my imagination and is therefore a big part of who I am.

The intricate details and patterns in my drawings come directly from the doodles I spent years covering all my books in school with. I use the thinest black pen I can find, and doodle for hours every day in the quietest place I can find. My technique has developed to include pens, Ink, pencils, watercolours and lately acrylic painted dots and spirals.


The inspiration for the subjects I doodle are all based on my life, my dreams, along with my endless imagination. I am lucky enough to have people around me with the patience to allow me to sit for hours at my drawing desk lost in my own little world.


They all inspire me and are part of what I doodle. I do giraffes and trees for my dad, fairys and flowers for my mum, birds and suns for my son, horses and stars for my daughter, wishes and rainbows for my husband.
However my biggest inspiration has always been silence. Surrounded by quietness my mind does its best work.


Although I have been "doodling" on a daily basis from childhood, it has only been in the last few years that I have learnt why I doodle, and how beneficial it is to a person's wellbeing. I hope to bring these benefits and the joy of doodling to as many people as I can through my own journey.