Animals and fairies and other magic creatures arrived all with their own stories.

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The first story I am going to tell you is about Henry, from this doodle "hang on henry". 

Hang on Henry

Once upon a doodle, on a tuesday, a very fluffy, blue kind of a Tuesday, a baby bird was born.

His mother called him Henry, his mother loved names beginning with 'H' very much.  It was her favourite letter.

She introduced Henry to his older brothers: Harold (who always sits the right way up) Horice and Harry (who prefer upside down).

Henry instantly became everyones favourite because he was so very brave.  

Brave enough to not just hang upside down at moments old, but to hang from Harry's headfeathers.  

Henry's mother was not worried, she knew that baby birds born on a Tuesday were special, brave and very strong on the inside and the outside.

She knew that one day Henry would be a very important blue bird and she loved him enough to let him be brave and silly at the same time.

Henry was only one hour old but had lots and lots of adventures in his fluffy blue mind already.  

That however is another story......